Chillin’ Out At The Twin Trees…

I’m late today.  I made a trip back to Virginia to attend a Memorial Service for a   larger than life  cousin who became a Legendary Police Homicide Detective in one of my all time favorite  cities, Richmond, Virginia.   I spoke of Norman Harding  in yesterday’s post.  I was thinking about him late  yesterday when I made another of my visits to a place here I call The Twin Trees in Twilight Field.   I go  there a lot to  photograph the sunset or  the clouds rolling in off the ocean.  I never had much of a thing  for cleared farm fields until I moved here.  It’s the space I think that attracts me.   That larger than life thing again. All of your stresses just sort of melt away in the presence of something much bigger.

There’s nothing much at Twilight Field except two almost identical Oak Trees and a small, Tin Roofed Storage  Shed that is mostly used now to store fertilizer and Hay.  If you’ve been a regular viewer of my site on flickr  you have no doubt seen this place, out in the middle of nowehere.  I find it quite photogenic:

Those are soybeans providing that nice golden tone.

The major activity in Twilight Field is, for the most part….. No Activity.  Aside from planting a crop, tending it through the season and harvesting it in the late fall or early winter,  there are no people in Twilight Field, just sunrises, sunsets,  birds and geese tweeting and honking, wind and of course….Rain.     My Kind of Place:

A shot after the harvest in Mid December.

One evening back in the summer, I had come here to catch a sunset.  The clouds had really started rolling in off the ocean and I thought it might serve up a showstopper grand finale to the day.  I hadn’t counted on a quick boomer.  I was so busy watching the sun make its way toward the far horizon, I never saw the cloud until it was almost on top of me. The rain started in a frenzy chasing me into the small Shed where I rode it out, my Nikon safely encased in a Glad, Zip Lock Freezer Bag.   As with most Summer Thunder Storms, this one was a One Act Short Subject.  it was over in a Flash…..but if you ever ride one out in a small, open shed with a tin roof in the middle of nowhere,  its a sound you never forget.  You also get a pretty good idea of what larger than life means.

See you next time on most of this same blog.

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