The Season of Drab

We have entered the Season of Drab here on the farm…..Aside from the Camellias which are still putting up the good fight against the nightly freezes to produce new blooms,  the place is totally devoid of color.   Even the white of the cotton is gone from the fields.    Time for the annual retreat into the external drives for a much needed color fix.  A healthy helping of all those shots I salted away back in the summer and fall when our collective cup and cooler ran over with bonus blooms.  I liken it to the ladies on the farm who toil every July canning or freezing corn, green beans and such for the winter months ahead.  Much less labor intensive, this photograph canning though.  A click of the mouse puts it away for safe keeping.

Among my favorites are the leaf shots in the late fall when the autumn color is on stage.   I posted quite a few leaf shots on flickr back in the fall but  my stroll through the Archives turned up a few more worthy of  their 15 minutes of fame.

The Japanese Maples provides a double dose of color every fall:  first turning a golden yellow before their costume change into a brilliant red.   The combination of light and bokeh (shallow depth of field)  providing a little essence to jazz it up.  But the headliner had to be the Popcorn tree.  Illegal in many states because of its invasive characteristics,  I find the brilliant colors it produces in the fall  provide enough redeeming value to justify the work required to keep it in check:

As the really cold weather moved in, the last to turn were the Maples and Gum Trees in the wetlands.  Their Color providing a rather festive preview of the coming Holidays.

I hate to just store photographs with no chance of being seen.    I suppose that comes from having shot film for so many years.  One was careful not to waste shots.  It could get expensive blowing 36 shot rolls.  Perhaps that’s the value of photo sites like flickr and pbase in the digital era.   One doesn’t feel like it’s wasted effort if its out there.

See you next time on most of this same blog!

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