Rural Renewal

Those loud clicks you’ve been hearing are toasted camellia blooms popping up, or rather, popping off the shrubs in the camellia beds here.     Done in by an extraordinary cold snap which has run more than two weeks now, hardly a bloom has escaped being fried by the subfreezing temperatures.   The Red Camellias are particularly hard to look at.

You might wonder why the Camellias have escaped the due diligence of the frost patrol.  (The brave souls who go out each night to save delicate blooms, tucking them in for a warm night’s snooze)    For one thing,  the Camellia Shrubs are just too big to cover.  Some are upwards of 15 feet tall.   Yes, they’ve been here a very long time.  Some date back at least 45 to as much as 50 years.   For another, Camellias are hearty souls.  The blooms get toasted in freezing weather but the shrub itself is no worse for the wear.

We’re slowly catching a break from the freeze this week.  The lows have been moderating and the Camellias are celebrating.  New Buds began showing up almost immediately.  It’s really nice to see some red again.

The Camellia Beds here  are located among very tall lob lolly pines and face the winter sun for just about the entire afternoon.   I can sit in my house and watch the light catch the blooms as the sun crawls to the horizon.

The pink varieties are not as showy but they too are coming back for another run. They have a very formal and elegant look to them I think

As you might guess, the Arrangers get their use out of them.     Paired up with the Red, Dark Pink, White and multicolored varieties, It’s quite a show .   It’s also nice to see them again.  This place is pretty drab this time of year without them.  Now if only we could have  a little snow.

See You Next Time On Most of the same Blog.

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