Cloud Factory!

I never looked up much before I moved to the farm here in Eastern North Carolina.  I suppose that comes with the wide open spaces.  There’s a lot of sky and one can’t help noticing it.   There’s also a lot going on up there.  We’re pretty close to the Atlantic Ocean.   An hour’s drive will put you right on the oceanfront at Emerald Isle, NC.  I confess I’ve made it in 45 minutes using some country road shortcuts.  The Ocean is a Cloud Factory.  There’s almost always a big show going on.  And it’s free.  All you have to do is….look up!                                                                                 Rain clouds never looked this dramatic in Washington.

We do  get our share of nastiness, though we have been lucky with Hurricanes lately.  Only one big hit since I’ve been here: “Isabelle”, which took down a few trees but no structural damage anywhere.  More common are the Nor’easters blowing in off the Ocean packing heavy rain and high wind.  They cause quite a bit of beach erosion on the coast and crop damage here.    Less common,  but to me the most frightening,  are Tornadoes.  We seem to be seeing more of them in recent years.   And they always seem to come at night, setting off weather radio alarms in the wee small hours  and sending us  scurrying to shelter.

There’s a lot of what I call Cloud Teasing .   Many a day I’ve been way out in the field when  suddenly a huge shadow will roll up and quickly disappear into the far horizon like some kind of dark dream.

Often there’s a lot of light play which sometimes produces some almost biblical scenes.

I don’t ever recall shooting a lot of “skyscapes” before I relocated to the farm.  Lots of sunsets and sunrises in Maine, Alaska and other places I’ve been with cameras in tow but never just pictures of clouds. I’ve missed a lot of shots over the years.

See you next time on most of this same blog.

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