Wish I had some shots of that first visit to New York in 1962.   There’s nothing like your first trip  to the city.   First trips are always special but this one was off the hook.  My sister was on Broadway in the comedy “Take Her She’s Mine” at the Biltmore Theatre.   Art Carney had the lead.   Others in the cast: Phyllis  Thaxter, Elizabeth Ashley and June, My sister.   I was 16.  We had all gone up on the train. I recall my Mother being so proud I thought she would blow up.  It’s that feeling you get when you suddenly find yourself in the company of people larger than life.   You pinch yourself to make sure its really happening in the here and now.   I’d meet other larger than life people in the course of my life but this first experience made an indelible impression.   Even without photographs, the images are burned in my brain.  Joking with Art Carney backstage,  holding Elizabeth Ashley’s Cigarette…… That kind of stuff.   The fact that it all took place in New York  sends the Wow Factor Off the Charts.

I’ve been back countless times. I have no idea how many.  It seems like a good part of my college years in Washington were spent on the Jersey Turnpike heading for the city. Then broadcasting….NBC, ABC, CBS, Black Rock,  30 Rock……..To this day every time I go back and see those iconic scenes I get a memory rush.

What better reminder of 60’s New York than the Empire State Building.   I remember one trip to the top…..not the observation deck but the transmitter room above.  When you laid on the floor you could feel the building sway.

My favorite skyscraper has always been the Chrysler at Lexington and 43rd.    It’s that Art Deco thing.    No trip to NY suffices without a visit.  Of course, B and H Photo and Adorama are also high on the list now.

A Shot of the 59th Street  or Queensborough Bridge linking Queens and Manhatten.

My last trip this past year  was to the Upper East Side including Roosevelt Island.  I must have taken 200 shots that day.  Several have found their way into New York Publications and blogs.  (see the links column).     If you’ve never been,  put it on your list of  places to go before the long snooze kicks in.  Take your camera but even if you don’t, you’ll never forget it.

See you next time on most of this same blog.

3 thoughts on “NY

  1. Great tale John. Having grown up in Trenton, NY, while not a constant destination, but frequent, back into my childhood, crossing over to Brooklyn on the Staten Island Ferry, then off to a camera shop to pick up a pair of Binoculars my dad had been looking for.

    But I wanted to comment as well on the quality of your writing. The professionalism comes out at every stroke. Heart-felt kudos.

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