I’ve been busy digitizing 35mm film strips for the past few months and my top priority was these aerial shots taken in the mid 90’s during a cruise up the inside passage to Alaska from Vancouver.   During a daylong stop in Juneau I rented a single engined Cessna.  The flight plan took us over the Harding Ice Field (so named for President Warren G. Harding who was the first President to visit the 49th state.)  and Glacier Bay National Park.  Our ship had taken us up into many coves and fjords and it was possible to get some pretty good shots of the glacier walls tearing off and falling into the sea but it didn’t  begin to do justice to the incredible vastness that is Alaska.

This is the Harding Ice Field.  The wing of the aircraft is visible in the upper right of the photograph.  The color dynamic has faded in the ensuing years but overall the shots have held up very well I think.

Glacier Bay National Park

I recall the ceiling being just about at minimums and it was quite misty.  Almost a surreal view from the air.  The wing tip is visible in the upper left.

This shot was taken from above the bridge on the Liner.  We got just a tad closer but the Captain was very leery of the bergs floating our way.  The Liner was rather small and  equipped with bow thrusters which allowed it to turn on a dime. I tried my best to get a lifeboat lowered to take those of us with cameras up close and personal with the glacier wall.  To no avail.

In case you’re wondering, I took twenty five rolls of  film with me, shot it all up and bought another ten rolls along the way.  I’d like to do it again with a dslr.

See  You Next Time on Most of this same Blog.

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