Decisions Decisions

I haven’t made a lot of progress plowing through all these boxes of slides and 35mm film strips.  I’m attempting to decide what to digitize or scan.   For one thing it takes a lot of time, particularly for the color negatives.  I have a problem with the orange tint in trying to decide how much resolution is left after all these years of storage.  Slides are much easier.  Just set up the screen, get out the trusty projector and look.  The other problem is,  I find myself wanting to digitize everything which of course is impossible.  I shot film for upwards of 30 years before taking the plunge to digital.   Hardly a day went by when I wasn’t shooting something.  So you can get some idea of how much is here.  My Grand Plan was to get a good representative sample of shots from the more memorable places and events at which I pointed my cameras.   So far, I’ve done Alaska and Maine.   My budget is shot and I’ve not even gotten to the Panama, Costa Rica boxes let alone DC, New York etc….    It’s hard.  I never was a good editor.

I  posted a few shots from the Alaska box on a previous blog but I wanted to get to Maine.  My first trip was to Lubec, all the way up the coast of Maine.  I remember thinking when we got to Hartford after driving 13 hours from Richmond that I was almost there.  Right!   It took another 12 hours of driving to get to my sisters house.  I was blown away by the scenes.  Her kitchen window overlooked Johnson Bay.  In all of my days of shooting sunsets, I don’t think any have ever topped these shots of Johnson Bay.

I remember turning around after taking that shot  behind her house and seeing the reflection in the window.

It’s funny how you remember shots.  When I started going through all of the slides etc,  I told Jerri I really wanted the sunsets on Johnson Bay.  She knew exactly what I was talking about…more than 25 years after the fact.

This one, I had forgotten.

It was a great surprise.  There are dozens of others I’ll eventually get around to posting  but these are my faves.

I’m amazed at how well they’ve held up.  All were shot on ektachrome slide film with a Nikon FM for a Minolta SR7.  I think the key is the metal boxes they were stored in.  I remember one of the film engineers at NBC telling me years ago  there’s a reason film is stored in metal cans.   The Maine Shots were.  Wish I had done the same for everything else.

See you Next Time on Most of this Same Blog.

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