Manifestations of Spring

The sky colors at dawn seem to be warming.   Perhaps its my vivid imagination turning up my imaginary hues but there seems to have been an almost imperceptible  change in the sky color temperature.  I think I first noticed it earlier this month. The view here is to the North East on the 9th of February.  .  The buildings are repair sheds in the high field.

This is looking due east straight out to Twilight Field.

The same view in December and January had a much lighter hue.   As for the particulars,  Both shots were taken at f/22.  Exposure on the first shot was 1/50th of a second.  Second one at 1/30th.   Center weighted metering on the first.  Spot Metering on the second.    I changed the sunrise setting because I read somewhere that spot metering works better when shooting into the sun.  Made no difference as to the color temperature though.

I know, its probably all a bunch of hooey….my subconscious yearning for spring manifesting itself in perceived warming sunrise colors.   My wife Jerri tells me I’m out where the buses don’t run quite a bit but then she’s not up at sunrise every day, I am.   Pow!     Anyway, it was all brought to a screeching halt Monday Afternoon when the next storm front moved in preceded by a remarkable cloud show in Twilight field which pretty much muted all thought of color warming.

Yes, it started raining before I got back to the house and it continued all night.  Another inch in the rain gauge.  This morning, overcast, gray, depressing.   Maybe I jinxed it.   Hope Not!  See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Manifestations of Spring

  1. I’d imagine you will notice even slight changes in the sky colour when observing it every day. Think of how in tune with the seasons farmers and herdsmen etc were in the past when they only had what they could observe to forecast what was happening.
    I love the expression your wife uses ha ha – it’s a new one for me.

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