There’s Big Orange and There’s A Big Orange!

I posted a late January Sunrise on my flickr site this afternoon and for the lack of anything else coming to mind I called it  “Big Orange”.    Here’s another view of it.

No sooner had I walked out of the library (where my computer is) than I was reminded that I had “mistitled”!  (New Word)    I was told in no uncertain terms that  “Big Orange” is not a Sunrise but a drink!   There then ensued a rather lively discussion.  “Not so”   I said….”The Drink to which you refer is known as “A Big Orange!”     The Operative word being “A”.  And if you don’t think so, go ask Andy Griffith who first uttered the name of that famous  soft  drink in his best selling “What it was was football”!   He distinctly said…..”Ah Big Orange”…..not Big Orange.   As you have probably deduced, it was a rather slow day here on the farm today.  Anyway, I won my point.  In North Carolina, using Andy Griffith as the source for anything carries huge weight.

For the uninitiated,  “Ah Big Orange”  is an Orange Soda.   In some parts of the country this would be called “A Soda Pop” or “A Soft Drink”.   In North Carolina, and for that matter in Virginia…. it is simply called “A Drink”, as in “Mama, Can i have a Drink”.   People not from down heah  would probably shudder at hearing a kid say that because  “A Drink”  in most parts of the country means hard liquor.  Not here.   A Drink could be A Big Orange, or an RC or a Pepsi or a Coke or perhaps more appropriate to North Carolina, “A Cherry Coke”.   (Cherry cokes were only available in drug stores.  It was a fountain coke with two squirts of thick cherry syrup.)    You haven’t lived until you have a real cherry coke and a pack of nabs….but that’s another story.

The Best Big Orange to me was the one bottled by NEHI.  When I was a kid, my next door neighbor  ran the NEHI  bottling company and we were forever drinking RC’s and Nehi Big Orange Drinks.   Many thought “Orange Crush” was the best Big Orange. Not me.  The only thing close was a NuGrape Soda,  better known as “A Grape Drink.”     That too is another story.

After dispensing with the Big Orange question, I left the house to take the trash to  the collection center.  There’s a  small country store nearby.   “Can I hep ya” the clerk asked as I walked in.  ” You guys got A Big Orange?”   “Nope”, he said, “all sold out.  The truck comes tomorrow.”

See you next time on most of this same blog.

3 thoughts on “There’s Big Orange and There’s A Big Orange!

  1. Its “Big Orange” here in TN – ie – Univ. of TN Volunteers football –
    like Go Big Orange!! That’s all you hear and the only color you see for the most part in TN during SEC football season is – Big Orange.
    I like Big Blue – Univ. of KY as my Son-In-Law coaches football there.
    Coach Sanders.

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