They’re here!

The Gerbera Daisies are in.    Actually, they never go away.   Grown year round in the Greenhouse or in  the field,   The Gerbera Daisy is the fifth biggest cutflower worldwide.   The Rose is Numero Uno, followed by the Carnation, Chrysanthemum and Tulip.    More than 30 varieties are out there.  Any florist worth its salt stocks yellow, Orange, Pink, white and my fave…….Red!

The Arrangers tell me the most popular color is Pink or as I call it, Preppy Pink.  The Junior League Crowd just can’t seem to  get enough of pink daisies with a little greenery.   These cuts were used in a wedding last year.

There was a time when daisies like most other cut flowers,  were packaged ten to a bunch in a single sleeve.  Now, each stem has a plastic sleeve to keep the stem from crimping.

The Name Brains say the Gerbera Daisy is from the Sunflower Family.  The Yellows actually look like miniature sunflowers particularly those with black centers.

And one more tidbit from the “Brainers”,   the Name Gerbera comes from Timothy Gerber, A German Naturalist.  I just learned something.    See you next time on most of this same blog.

2 thoughts on “They’re here!

  1. Hey John, Just found your blog. Enjoyed reading some of your musings. The family farm sounds like a great thing, and happy number 65! Take care amigo. ~Don Iannone PS: You can find my photoblog and my poetry blog on WordPress.

  2. Fantstic photography and information…a joy to read! I’ve always loved gerberas…a special flower for sure. My neice gave me some and I’ve loved them ever sence…

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