Weed Patrol

There is almost always a constant breeze here from the Ocean.  Quite often it really kicks up to 15 to 20 miles an hour particularly in the wide open fields where there is no tree line to break the blow.   In the winter, it can make a 30 degree day feel like the Arctic.   Lou Rawls called the wind in Chicago “The Hawk”  in his classic “Dead End Street”.  It’s quite hawkish here except there are few streets and none are dead end.  In the wicked North Carolina Summers where the humidity is right up there with the temperature, the wind can feel like a blowtorch.   Different strokes for different folks.   The weeds just love it year round, especially about now when they’re starting to go to seed.    This is when the  Weed Patrol Saddles up.

I always get rolling eyes when I show up for Weed Patrol.   Along with the Roundup, Weed Wackers and Sling Blades,  I carry a Camera.  I mean, let’s face it.  Some of these weeds are downright pretty.  I tell the Arrangers all the time,  “you guys ought to make use of some of these pretty weeds.”   I keep expecting a bill for a strait jacket to cross my desk.   Arrangers are purists…..They don’t even think the wild Ox Alice is worth a second look.   I do. It seems somehow rather brutal to kill off anything that looks this good so there is always a constant push pull about the Ox Alice.  I’m proud to say I put up a formidable defense for it despite the accusation that “you’re just looking for pictures to put on flickr”!  Absolutely. But would you believe I have actually sold a photograph of Ox Alice.  Oh man, that just kills em.

I’m also rather fond of what I call the “Wanna Bes” ……. Bright Golden Weeds with a pretty flower head that sorta looks like a miniature sunflower.

They grow in big clumps so the opportunity for bokeh is wonderful.   A year or so ago I took a shot of these weeds growing in front of a Sunflower in the Field.  I liked the shot  but I was nearly excommunicated from the farm for it……Not really but you get my drift.

Jerri (Chief GroundsKeeper and permanent Chief Cheese of the Architectural Review Board)  was looking at me kind of funny the other day when I was sprawled out on the grass taking a shot of these little guys…..small little weeds with white star flowers.

This was a Rest in Peace Shot because I had to mow them down.  No weeds allowed in the centipede lawn.

And of course there is always the honey suckle.

Not only is it fun to shoot (I always think of the Soprano Section in the Church Choir when I see the flowers) but the smell is heavenly.  I’ve told the Arrangers that a few Sprigs would certainly liven up a rather smell-less arrangement.  I don’t need to tell you the reaction I got to that.  See You Next Time on Most of This Same Blog.


5 thoughts on “Weed Patrol

  1. My husband’s late mother would always say “A weed is just a flower in the wrong place”. Kind of an all-purpose ‘feelgood’ phrase like “This, too, shall pass”. Thanks for sharing these beauties. As always, your work is a joy to view.

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, John.

    We’re always glad to read what you’ve been up to and so enjoy your breathtaking photography.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us…no deadlines involved.

  3. John, I always look forward to reading your blog, so keep ’em coming.
    I have broken the deadline syndrome so well that I have trouble getting anything done.

    I experienced my first Ocular Migraine, as my Ophthalmologist called it, during the snow this past winter. It was frightening. The only way I can beat them is to take Ibuprofen and get in a dark quiet place.

  4. I love those weeds…Momma called the little yellow one a “Georgia Weed” and was delighted to add them to her flower arrangements. I believe that was one of her favorite flowers! Keep those weeds growing, and I love your blogging…very fun to read and to see that photography!

    Ocular Migraines sound awful…Glad that Ibuprofen will help…

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