A Fond Farewell to an Excellent Camera.

The Camera that got me into the digital side of photography three years ago is heading North to a new life. My Nikon D40 is being sold to the Used Camera People at B and H Photo in New York, the proceeds being applied to a second D90.    More on that in a minute.    First a bit of a eulogy for the D40. What a marvelous camera for the money. The D40’s resolution topped out at just 6 mega pixels but wow, what amazing pictures it took. Crisp, razor sharp images with the usual Nikon brilliant color. Well laid out, the D40 fit like a glove. Very well balanced, light, easy to maneuver, it proved a work horse. I was so impressed I bought its successor, the D40X which added a bit more resolution and it remains in the camera bag.

So why a second D90? First of all, with the New D7000 soon to be in the stores, you can pick up a D90 for a song, well below the 900 bucks usually.quoted and of course it comes with the full Nikon Warranty. I’m doing more and more paid work these days and I really needed a backup for my first D90. I had thought about the D7000 and I have no doubt it will wind up in my bag sooner rather than later but I’m always a bit leery about plopping down a lot of dough for anything brand new with no track record. Plus, there’s the wait for Adobe to issue a camera raw update for Elements covering the D7000. The D90’s plus the D40X will see me through and when I yearn to go back to film, there’s my trusty Nikon FM2. Purchased at a pawn shop in Richmond, Virginia in 1973, it must have a bazillion snaps on it by now and its still going strong.

Somebody asked me the other day Why Nikon? Why Not Canon? History is the only reason. Both are fabulous Cameras. I just have 30 years plus with Nikon. And all those lenses! Hell, they even gave me a cap.

See you next time on most of this same blog.


2 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell to an Excellent Camera.

  1. Congratulations on that new camera…thanks for the information on the D90…Sounds like a great camera…I was talking to the owner of a local camera shop the other day and asked him which camera did he like best…Canon or Nikon?..He likes them both, but felt the Nikon lens were a little better…Personally, I think you could use a Brownie camera with wonderful results because of your talent! Just my observation…Have a good one!

  2. congrats on the new camera.
    also own a d90 nice piece of kit.
    dorothy mentioned ur blog to me.
    you a very well laid out blog and an interesting flickr stream.

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