A Woodpecker Wanna Be

It looked like specs of snow falling.   A closer look to the small pile on the ground revealed sawdust.  It was coming from a hole in the old dead oak tree by the garage.   The dead giveaway was the burst of rat a tat tats in perfect 4/4 time.   A Woodpecker of course.  I made a B line to the house to grab my camera.  The 300mm lens brought the scene of the action into perfect focus.  A small hole in the trunk of the tree about 20 feet up.  Suddenly he popped out with a beak full of small wood chips and spit them out. 

It wasn’t a woodpecker.  A Quick check of the Audubon
Society’s Field Guide  revealed our Carpenter to be a Brown-headed Nuthatch. Smaller than a Sparrow, They emit high pitched piping notes.  He crawled out to have a look around. 

It was a tag team effort.  His construction partner soon flew in for the second shift. The steady rat a tat tats resumed.  Maybe 30 seconds or so of it.  Then quiet as the Nuthatch gathered up his woodchips and spit them out of the window.

This went on all day.  I went back for another look at day’s end.  A rather impressive pile of wood chips lay on the ground beneath the tree.  A look up found the little Nuthatch sitting in his new home watching the sun go down.   See you soon on most of this same blog.

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