It is probably the universal flag of spring in Eastern North Carolina.  The Bradford Pear Tree is quite literally everywhere.  Cities, Towns, Suburbs, Parks, Lawns, Gardens, Office Parks, Malls….. It is the ubiquitous Ornamental Tree and with its early spring White Blossoms, serves as one of the more universal flags of spring in the Eastern United States.  We are blessed with a long row of them on the circular drive around the compound on our farm.
Remarkably tolerant of a variety of soils and resistant to sickness or blight, the Bradford Pear is killed more often by storms and high winds than disease.
Its hard little fruits are taken by Birds who spread the seeds via their droppings.  I first became familiar with the Bradford Pear via its wood.  Finely textured, it is prized by Ship Modelers and Furniture makers.  Pear Veneer is used in upscale fine furniture.  Ship Modelers value its strength in the making of tiny fittings.  It is extensively used in the making of woodwind instruments.
In the Autumn, the colors often offer a brilliant end to the fall color season.  Click on the Photographs for a larger look.   See you soon on most of this same blog.

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