The Much Ignored Daffodils on Woodington Road

We’ve never grown daffodils here as a cut flower.  There are a few clumps of them around the Farm Compound but not many.   For my Daffodil Fix,  I travel about a mile or so to an abandoned tenant house where Daffodils abound.  Stretching out beneath the towering Lob Lolly Pines.   You can see them from the highway. There must be a half dozen varieties dotting the very small yard.   Testament to somebody’s gardening prowess long long ago.  I don’t think anyone else comes here anymore for any reason,  let alone to look at the daffodils. 

I always carry a rather large piece of burlap in my truck to use as a makeshift rug when I sprawl out on the ground to get a rabbit’s perspective on flowers.   I had assumed the position on this day when I heard a horn and somebody yelling in my direction.   A woman had pulled off the highway and was inquiring if I was alright.  I walked over to thank her for her concern.  She smiled and inquired as to what I was doing.   I replied that I was photographing the Daffodils.  “Oh”, she said, “you know I go by here everyday and I had never even noticed them”.    As I was packing up my gear It occurred to me that  if nobody ever noticed any picture I ever took,  I would still be better for it.   Without photography, I would probably be exactly like her.

See you soon on most of this same blog.

One thought on “The Much Ignored Daffodils on Woodington Road

  1. Wow, that is so hard to believe…but I’ve noticed the same thing…So many people just do not notice the beauty that surrounds them..Sometimes it take a beautiful photo to remind them. Whatever, we, photographers, are better for taking that photo, for sure….Bravo on your daffodil captures!

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