Spring Under Foot

The Wild Violets are Celebrating!   I saw them today waving their blue and purple  faces under the grape vines.  Set against their lush green foliage, the rich blue is always a welcome sight after months of nothing but brown and gray.

Not so everywhere.  The Wild Violet is either loved or hated.  It’s often considered  a persistent, perennial weed in landscape and lawn areas.  Self pollinating, they spread quickly in moist, fertile soils in cool and shady areas.  They thrive in the shade under the grape vines here on the farm and over the years have formed a pretty blue and green carpet that is rejuvenating to winter tired eyes.    

We have blue and light purple flowers here but gray or white can also be found in the area.   The green foliage is frost hardy  and remains mostly evergreen from Mid March to June.  Soon, they’ll be joined by the pink and white Oxalice.  Another welcome weed.    Spring is picking up…….underfoot.   See you soon on most of this same blog.

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