Countdown To Spring

I was thumbing through the Farmer’s Almanac to confirm my suspicions.   Spring has to be just around the corner.  It is!    There it was in black and white:    Spring officially arrives Sunday March 20th.  At 7:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time to be exact.    I plan to be there early.   For a few days I thought the Periwinkle would miss the grand opening.   But a check today of our trusty periwinkle patch found the first blue bloom ready to party.   What wildflower in its right mind would  be AWOL on the first day of  Spring.  The Spirea also made it under the wire.   There are sprigs of Spirea, many folks call it Bridal Veil,  all over the farm.  We have a large shrub right beside our house.  It gives the outdoor heat pump a nice beauty treatment.

I’m sending a late notice to the Carolina Jazman.  It’s a no show today but not to fret,  it’s brilliant yellow blooms will likely explode tomorrow. No doubt an effort to steal some of the yellow thunder from the Forsythia which has had the early Spring party pretty much all to itself.    Except for  TheTulip Magnolias.  They showed up right with the Forsythia but unlike the Forsythia which is still brilliant yellow,  The Tulip Trees are dropping their blooms before the big day.

More updates coming.   Watch this space!   See you soon on most of this same blog.

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