Climbing Wisteria

Drive around Eastern North Carolina this time of year and you’ll see it: Wisteria.

There is seemingly no limit to how high a Wisteria vine can climb. The shot above was taken in Kinston, North Carolina.  The Wisteria has climbed almost to the tops of two towering Lob Lolly Pines.  At first glance, the huge, drooping blooms look like grapes.

Often in rural areas you’ll see Wisteria blooming along the road or highway.  There may be no house around but rest assured,  once upon a time, a house was probably nearby and somebody planted a Wisteria Vine.

Growing up in Southside Virginia,  there was a huge Wisteria vine climbing a long leaf pine right next to the house.  My mother ordered it cut down because it was literally strangling the tree.  Forty years later, you could still see the indentions of where the vine had squeezed the bark.  We have one growing in our backyard searching for a tree to climb on.   I need to stop taking pictures of Wisteria and start building an Arbor for it.   See you soon on most of this same blog.

4 thoughts on “Climbing Wisteria

  1. Beautiful wisteria…I always loved it…I bought some once to plant on our property. My brother was upset because he said it would take over everwhere….I won. It was planted by the pond, and was very happy there….Also, very beautiful as well, I might add. 🙂

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