Thursday Blooms

I’m told this is a wild laurel blossom.  I’ve poured over our wildflower reference books here on the farm and turned up nothing so until I hear different, Wild Laurel it is.  I caught it in the late afternoon light.

Tweaking Eye Clarity

I had one of those “Wow” moments.   I was trying on new eyeglass frames with clear  lenses.  The clarity knocked my socks off.  Compared with my prescription lenses….well, there was no comparison.  It was like a B12 shot in my optic nerve.  Amazing.  My old glasses date from several years ago and had accumulated untold scratches along with substantial fading in the lens coating.  I’ve heard that human sweat causes lens coatings to fade.  Whatever the reason, my lenses had obviously degraded rather substantially.  Even so, it was such a gradual thing that I had not noticed it.     Had it not been for one of the temples (the ear piece) on my old frames breaking, forcing me into the Frame Store, I probably wouldn’t have,  at least not anytime soon.   So now I have new prescription peepers.  Progressive bifocals.  Its as though my eyes have been photoshopped with a tweak to clarity.   I recall not too long ago checking the bioptic adjustment on my D90’s thinking that perhaps I needed to reset it.  It never dawned on me that perhaps my eyeglass lenses were toast.  See you….much clearer now….next time on most of this same blog.


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