Dogwood Survivors

I had one eye glued on the Pilot’s Weather Radar Screen with all the animated storm vectors blinking their way across Eastern North Carolina and the other on the window where a blizzard of white Dogwood Blooms were being blown to the ground by the gale force wind.   We escaped unscathed by Tornadoes that Saturday Night (We figure one roared by less than a mile east of us) but the seemingly unending straight line winds did a number on plants, shrubs and trees; not to mention flowers.   I really didn’t expect to see any Dogwood Blooms at all the next morning but lo and behold,  there were survivors.   I figured they deserved their 15 minutes.

Many of these blooms were high in the trees subject to the full fury of the storm yet somehow, these hung on for another day in the sun.   See you soon on most of this same blog.

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