The Greening Of The Wetlands


Getting there is a little quicker now.

The Farm Wetlands is actually a combination of swamp, bog, wetlands and low ground that is teeming with wildlife; everything from wood ducks to snakes to deer, bobcats and bears.    Few humans ever venture in.   One reason is that it’s on private property.   Another is that it is extremely difficult to get in.   An almost impenetrable undergrowth keeps would be intruders out  as effectively as a barbed wire fence.   In fact,  prior to this winter, there was only one convenient way to slog into the wetlands proper.    The lack of any paths to the shoreline  made it nearly impossible to get in place for any photography without sending alarms to every living thing that an invader was at hand.   You may have some experience getting within eyeshot of beautiful wildlife in a natural setting when suddenly a limb cracks underfoot and there is this huge swooshing sound of creatures and critters taking flight.    So this past winter, I took machete and bush axe in hand and cleared a second pathway.   It took me two full afternoons of work which included building a 12 foot  bridge over a creek.   It was well worth the effort.

The view  is to the  Southwest.  The water is rather shallow  because of three large beaver dams about a half mile to the East.   It’s a viable nesting area for Canada Geese, Mallards and other water birds.

This view offers some sense of the expanse of the area.  My next project is to complete a blind on the shore here,  then the fun begins.  See you soon on most of this same blog.

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