I was beginning to get concerned.  I had not seen many butterflies this spring.  Last year, they were here in droves.  Triple teaming the Azalea Blooms.  This year, I’d see one or two fluttering around but I never came across one making a pit stop on an Azalea or anything else blooming.   And more to my agenda, I didn’t get even a bad shot of one.    Perhaps they got a better deal on spring rates elsewhere.   My luck changed a bit while taking a quick walk around the perimeter of one of the fields.

There were several of them working the grass which survived the spraying of a week or so ago.  I’m no expert on butterfly identification (If you happen to know what this is, please leave a comment.)  I just like to photograph them. Problem was I couldn’t get as close as I wanted.  Wrong lens.  The 300mm is my lens of choice for butterflies but alas I had only brought the 200.  “As the old saying goes, ya dance with what brung ya.”.


It’s called “Duotone”.   It’s designed expressly for Photography Blogs and since that is what I am attempting to do, I figured Why Not!   It’s most salient feature is the matching of the dominant color of a photograph with the background.  The downside is it only allows one picture per post so those earlier posts that were written to two photographs read a little strange.  The new look is quite striking though so I thought I would try it a while.  See you soon on most of this same blog.

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