Late Arrivals

The Black Swallowtails fluttered into the Stella Dora Beds!   I had seen one now and then zooming around the farm but they were quite scarce.   Today, they arrived in droves.

I shot this handheld with my Nikon 70-300mm.  The Vibration Reduction makes it possible.  My first 300 was a Sigma 300 and it had no anti-shake circuitry making a tripod a must.   The result being I got very few decent butterfly shots.


I picked up a  Tiffen 67 mm set for the above mentioned Nikon 70-300mm  last week ( 3 Screw On Filters:  +1, +2  and +4.)     The plan was to close down the 4.9 foot minimum focusing distance.   The lens is not compatible with teleconverters  and Nikon says it may not be with other lens accessories.  Apparently that includes close up lens sets because the optical quality was simply not acceptable.   So back it goes.  Perhaps a Hoya or another higher end close up set would yield better results but for now, I’ll just stick with the 300……until I take the plunge and buy the Nikon 105mm Micro.

See you next time on most of this same blog.

2 thoughts on “Late Arrivals

  1. Wow, you sure know a lot about the technical aspects of photography. You lost me on some of that, but the new technology and IS lens are awesome as your photo is. Awesome work here and a beautiful shot, John! Wow is all that I can say…This shot is a winner and so in that 300 lens!

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