Big Blue

The Blue Hydrangeas are blooming.    This is a 60mm Macro Look at one of the blooms in what is a rather large cluster.

The question of how to change the color of a hydrangea always comes up.   Quite often, a hydrangea will change color on its own when planted or transplanted.  It’s all about the ph of the soil.  The grower who raises hydrangeas in containers has the most control over color.  That said, It’s easier to change a pink hydrangea to blue than vice versa.   To do so, simply add aluminum to the soil. The change from blue to pink is more difficult.  It entails removing aluminum from the soil.

Red hydrangeas are very rare especially in hot climates like the Southern United States.   Doing so requires huge amounts of lime and even then a true red will seldom result.   Often it will result in the plant developing an iron deficiency.

What about White Hydrangeas?  They are born to stay white which is to say, they cannot be changed.

See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Big Blue

  1. Interesting information! I’ve seen these beautiful plants blooming in Tallahassee and around Florida this month, but had no idea that the color was due to the soil content…They are truly beautiful as your photo clearly shows!

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