Hot, Hotter, Hottest

104!  In the Shade!  No kidding!  I don’t ever remember it being this hot here,  this soon.   We’ve come to expect oven-like weather in late July and August.  After all, this is Southeastern North Carolina.  But 104 on June 2nd!   The worst part of it is, there has been no appreciable rain in weeks.  Not a drop.  A quick drive around the area and you quickly realize, we’re already in the throes of a severe drought.  Corn is withering in the field.  Tobacco is beginning to brown.  Cotton is fairing better but the need for rain is critical and there is none in sight.

The heat reminds me of Panama.   I remember standing on the deck of a liner going through the canal with brilliant, blinding sun directly overhead.   It felt as though my bones were being microwaved.   I’ve never experienced heat like that since……. until today.  There was only one place to go.   The Pool!

Looks refreshing huh?  It wasn’t!  Thee water temperature was just a hair below 90.     It’s a big sauna.   One gets no feeling of coolness until getting out and catching the constant light breeze off the ocean.   Were it not for that,  we’d all be toast.  Hope it’s cooler where you area.   See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Hot, Hotter, Hottest

  1. I can not believe that you are having 100 degrees already! That is HOTTTTTT! We have been having 90 degrees while visiting the Gulf Coast this week and that is HOT as well….If you are not near the coast, I do not know how the people are bearing the heat….Thank goodness you can feel an occassional ocean breeze as you memtioned above..I guess that is why Southerners drink sweet tea…cools them off and gives them some energy in the heat…

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