The Photoshop Elements Eye Test

I took a day yesterday to fly up to the Virginia Eye Institute in Richmond, Virginia.  It was time for my annual checkup with my eye surgeon, the miracle worker who gave me back my sight eleven years ago.  I’m sure there are untold numbers of qualified Ophthalmologists here in North Carolina but as the saying goes, “you dance with what brung ya!”  The visit was timely because over the past few months I had picked up on what seemed to be a degeneration of sharpness in my left eye.  I  had first picked up on it while processing images in Photoshop Elements.  I was having trouble reading the tiny numbers in the Camera RAW Conversion Panel.   I found that by changing the angle of viewing the computer monitor (moving the right edge of the monitor closer to my right eye and moving the left edge back from left eye), I could see the numbers more sharply.    I had also experienced the problem while reading in bed at night.    I found that by cocking my glasses a certain way, the letters on the page were somewhat sharper.  Something was clearly amiss.

I was going to bring all this up with my Doctor but I didn’t have to.  It turned up in my preliminary visual acuity  eye test.  The test with my glasses on combined with the results with my glasses off, and  using the changeable lenses in the office were strikingly different.  It became obvious that the prescription I had been given last year had not been followed in the makeup of my new lenses.   A digital read of  my glasses confirmed the mistake.  My Doctor wrote me another prescription for a new left lens in my glasses.   This morning I went back to the office here in North Carolina where my glasses had been purchased back in March.  A recheck confirmed the mistake.  A new lens is being made and will be ready soon.  In the meantime, I am back to wearing my old glasses with rickety frames  (same prescription but filled correctly).   I suppose the moral of the story is, never take anything for granted, Particularly with regard to new glasses.  The Camera RAW Panel in Photoshop Elements looks a lot sharper today.    See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “The Photoshop Elements Eye Test

  1. Wow, what a story. Am glad that your problem was fixable. That is great!
    My glasses broke on my last trip out, and I had to wear my old glasses that kept slipping off my nose if I bent my head down. This happened continually for over a month and that was getting very old as time slipped by…..First thing I did when I got home was to buy a new pair that cost over $400( I might add), but I happily gave them the money with a smile on my face. It is good to be able to see comfortably again.

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