Why didn’t I think of that!

Was thumbing through one of my wife’s magazines,  the July/August issue of “House Beautiful”  and came across this: A water bottle cap that is a camera mount!   Called the Bottle Cap Tripod, it’s from dynomighty.com.   All you have to pack is the cap.  And who doesn’t take along a bottle of water on a photo outing.   It’s obviously for point and shoot cameras.  A big Canon or Nikon with a 200mm lens would be too much for it, unless you purchased a huge bottle of water.  Still, as the magazine put it, “It’s one of those great ideas you can’t believe no one’s thought of before.

An aside.  I’m forever flipping through the various home magazines.  Why? To look at the photography of course.  The best interior and exterior architectural shooters in the business work for these top of the line magazines.  My absolute faves are “Architectural Digest”, “House Beautiful” and “Traditional Home.”   Next time you’re sitting around in a waiting room,  pick one up and take a look.  You’ll see a lot of fabulous photography.  Back soon on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Why didn’t I think of that!

  1. I agree with you…I love to look at the pictures as much as the articles. Today, I was looking at “Birds and Blooms” ,which is really full of beautiful photography and gardening tips…You might buy your wife a gift subscription for her birthday…:)


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