Irene, Say Goodnight!

Photography has taken a back seat to storm prep.   We’re battening down the hatches here on the farm in anticipation of a strong hit from Hurricane Irene now churning its way toward landfall Saturday at Atlantic Beach, about 60 miles from here.  Right now its a category three storm and while we hope it will be downgraded to a category two by the time it comes ashore,  everyone is planning for the worst.  Mandatory evacuations are underway down east from here and the highways are bumper to bumper with  people scramble to get out of harms way.  We’re looking for sustained winds of 45- 50 MPH and Up along with at least 8 to 10 inches of rain.   We’re as ready as we can be.  All the generators have been tested and fueled.  Kerosene lamps are at the ready.  Charcoal for cooking has been laid in.  It’s a long checklist.  If you live along the Atlantic Coast in the US, please don’t take this storm lightly.  I’ve been through my share of category threes on the Carolina Coast and one four and its no picnic.  Be Safe.  Hope to see you on the other side.

One thought on “Irene, Say Goodnight!

  1. Stay safe….I’m glad you are taking it seriously…We had two family members lose their homes in Katrina….Our thoughts and prayers are with you…Looks like there will be some damage with this one, too….Keep us posted…

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