Visual Juice!

It was a reunion of all the right people  with the right chemistry and the right vibe, who found their way to the right place at the right time to feed  on each others talent, drive, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to create two near perfect broadcast properties which became legends in their own time.  So it was no surprise that last night’s get together of those who had the fabulous luck of working at Mr. Johnson’s, as in Philip, Renowned Building positively crackled with energy.  Just walking around amid all that talent was akin to getting a thousand B12 shots.  In a word, Juiced!!!   It brought back vivid memories of being so excited about going to work that I had trouble going to sleep at night.   Of a time when I really didn’t want to go home because I was afraid I would miss something.  Most importantly, for me anyway, was the distinct feeling that I was doing something that mattered.  And the kicker was, It was Fun!

Standing on the brow of Church Hill in Richmond last night as the party wound down, I took a shot of the view that I had probably taken for granted for more than 30 years. 

It had not occurred to me in those years, but looking back, I had the thought that perhaps this vista of the city,  one of the best vantage points of Richmond, if not the best,  played a very sublime role in energizing our efforts.    The view belongs to a marvelous public service agency now which has enhanced the building and the site and has no doubt boosted the enthusiasm of those who work there.    As for WRVA and WRVQ,  they have been warehoused with several other broadcast properties in what to me is a rather nondescript building in the City’s West End.  Philip Johnson is a tough act to follow.    Breaking down the tripod after taking my shot,  I wondered if those working in the “new” location,  have that same visual juice that we had.   Somehow, I don’t think so.  Did I say it was a Great party!  Seen you next time on most of this same blog.

3 thoughts on “Visual Juice!

  1. Thanks for sharing the thoughts and the pictures, John. You have no idea how much I wanted to be there. And you’re right. It was a time when you went to the bank with your paycheck and giggled. What great memories. Thanks, again.

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