A Legend for a Song!

If you have a hankering to shoot a roll of film every now and then,  and I do……now might be  a good time to go shopping for some legendary film slrs.   I picked up what I consider the second best film camera ever made the other day for a song.  Right around 200 bucks for a refurbished Nikon F100.  New F100 camera bodies, if you can find one, will run you a thousand bucks or more.  I bought one in a Richmond, Virginia Pawn shop years ago for a rather tidy sum even then, and it was one of the early F100s which shared some problems later addressed by Nikon in later versions.   So I  when this one crossed my eyes with that bargain basement price, I couldn’t pass it up.  I probably won’t use it that much.  Maybe a roll every few months or so whenever I want a full frame shot.  I figure 200 bucks for a top of the line full frame 35 mm slr camera is money well spent.  Full frame digital cameras will set you back  two thousand or more.  But in the final analysis,  if you’re like me and you got into photography when film was the only way to go,  there’s something very satisfying about having a F100 in the bag.  As my wife said,  “So you just want it?”   Yep.  I just want it.  Oh….forgot.  The best Film Camera ever made…..hands down the Nikon F6.  Price?  As JP Morgan remarked about the price of yachts,   “If you gotta ask, you don’t have enough.”  See you next time on most of this same blog.

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