Barn Stormers

Showtime is every Fall right around Late October.  The Crop Dusters buzz in to defoliate the Cotton Crop in the Fields.

Unlike the Western US where defoliating cotton is simply a matter of not watering,  Here, it must be sprayed for the plant to begin drying out.  I’ve seen it done with Tractors and Sprayers but most growers bring in a Crop Duster.

The margins for error are tiny for these guys who zoom down within a few feet of the crop then yank back on the stick to just clear trees and power lines.  It is flying by the seat of your pants in the strongest sense.   See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Barn Stormers

  1. I showed these photos to my husband and he said, “How do you know a crop duster is happy?”

    Ans…..”by the bugs on his teeth”…. From the images you captured, that crop duster is very happy!

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