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I’ve spent most of the weekend updating my new photography web site or as I call it, photo store.   Not difficult and not all all tedious as many internet operations can become but it did take a while.  Uploading large files takes time…… even with high speed internet.  Take a look if you have time.  Just click on “John Harding Photostore” in the left margin.    It’s hosted by Fine Art America.  I’ve been rather impressed with them particularly with their store front and fulfillment operation.   I had been using another site for my photo store but they dropped it and as yet have not come up with a replacement.  Meantime the Holidays are fast approaching.  I’ve had several clients inquire about buying prints and cards  and that’s what sent me searching for another home for a storefront.  Anyway, I’d be interested in any feedback you might have.

See you soon on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Photography Web Site

  1. Your new site looks very professional. You certainly have a variety of photographs for folks to buy! I am impressed with your hard work and wish you well, my friend! Have seen a sample of their work? I was impressed with our other provider and was sorry to see them leave…Your new site looks great though!

    Best wishes,

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