Eastern Carolina Relic

The years have  taken their  toll on the place:  A former dairy farm in Northern Lenoir County, North Carolina.  Worn down by unending salvos of hurricanes, nor’easters and other weather artillery, the structures are beginning to crumble under the onslaught.  The main house which dates from the 1920’s has not had a coat of paint in decades. It’s ginger bread trim has weathered to a deep gray.   From the main road, the old concrete milking barn and its nearby silos  appear to have survived quite well.

A quick walk around tells a different story.   Much of the west wall which faces the open field was completely destroyed by Hurricane Irene this past summer.  For me, the saddest scene was of a majestic tin sheathed barn painted red at some point in its long life.

It’s roof sheared off by the hurricane, it’s wooden bones have been left to the elements.  A nearby tile barn suffered the same fate.  The surrounding fields are now leased to big cotton growers who have no use for the barns or the silos.  They are relics of an era when small farms dotted the landscape in Eastern North Carolina.  No more.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

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