The Start Of An Obsession

It was my first SLR.  My wife gave it to me for Christmas way back in the early 70’s when we started going together.  Pretty advanced for its day, the camera had through the lens metering. Over the years I added a 28mm wide angle and a 135.   I carried it with me on news assignments throughout the 70’s and into the 80’s when the shutter finally gave up the ghost.  I must have popped off thousands of shots in all kinds of weather.  Many I converted to digital and have  posted on my web site.  I replaced it with a Nikon FM I bought in a Richmond, Virginia pawn shot.  I sold it when I bought my first digital SLR.  Several months ago, I found I missed film so bought a refurbished Nikon F100.  It made me wonder what had happened to that old Minolta. Turned out my sister in law had it.  I had given the camera and the Rokkor lenses to her years ago when we moved to North Carolina.  She brought it over yesterday along with the lenses.  It was like seeing a long lost friend.

I did a little research.   The SRT 101 was a good seller for Minolta.  You can still find them in good condition on ebay.  Like new specimens go for two hundred bucks or so.   The lenses are also readily available.  I was amazed to find Minolta to Nikon adaptors at the larger camera stores.   I thought about picking one up but the focal lengths of the old lenses  are covered by Nikon Lenses I’ve picked up over the last 30 years.  So the old Minolta and its lenses now reside on a shelf in my library.  A reminder of how my long obsession with photography started.   See you next time on most of this same blog.

2 thoughts on “The Start Of An Obsession

  1. Hello John.

    A good friend who had an extensive collection of minolta bodies and lenses recently changed to a DSLR by going to SONY, who purchased Minolta, and whose current cameras still accept all those Minolta lenses. Because most SONY DSLRs have the anti-shake built-into the body, he even gets anti shake with his old glass. Imagine that!

    Like you, I’d be very hard pressed to part with old favorites, but I’m not sure what I’d use and what would gather dust.


  2. Your story was touching…How nice of your sister to return your first camera to you even if it just sits on your shelf. It completes the picture just being there with you for old times sake…and it make as great photo infront of those colorful books….Well seen, taken and felt….

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