Picking Cotton!

You always know when its harvest time in the cotton fields.  The rumble of the big  harvesters is unmistakeable.   They sound like an armored division on the move.     All three of the enormous machines were on patrol this day.  Each one assigned to a different field.  This one was gobbling up the raw cotton in Southwest field which borders the farm wetlands.


The Harvesters load up their bins then dump their loads into a big wagon that carries the cotton over to the hydrolic press where the cotton is compressed into a huge, tractor trailer sized “Brick”.


The operation went on into the evening creating a rather eerie scene of  huge hulking monsters lumbering around the dark fields with 12 headlight eyes piercing the black night.   When all was said and done, four huge “bricks” of cotton stood in the center of the high field ready to be picked up by trucks the next morning.   It was one of best cotton harvests we have had in years.  Certainly far more than we thought possible  after Hurricane Irene flattened the cotton plants in late August.  The best part wasit all got done before Christmas.  Two years ago (we grew soybeans as a traditional crop last year) we didn’t get the cotton in until New Year’s Eve.  An early Christmas present.    For you, perhaps a new cotton shirt.   See you next time on most of this same blog.

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