Snow Birds

It’s believed by many in Eastern North Carolina that Dark Eyed Juncos have an innate sense of when it is going to snow.  In fact, many natives call them Snow Birds.   The Juncos of course can’t tell us anything in that regard but if this sense of knowing when its going to snow is some sort of collective Junco wisdom,  ie…when lots of them are around,  there’s a better chance of it,  well its time to batten down the hatches.   I spent quite a few hours in my bird blind here on the farm today photographing birds and if I saw one Junco,  I saw a hundred.

This shot is one of several I’ve posted on my Photography Web Site. (Click on the John Harding Photo Store Link on the left)   and they get their share of hits every day.   Not as many as the Cardinals but of course the Juncos are not as flashy.   Conservative Gray is the mainstay of their wardrobe.  They’re also pretty laid back.  Not as “flighty” as the Carolina Chickadees.   They seem very sure of themselves.  Whether that extends to weather forecasting remains an open question.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

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