The Ubiquitous Camellia

If Camellia’s had a Press Agent or Publicity Director, they couldn’t top the amount of exposure they’re getting from me.  They’re not only the first thing I see every day here on the farm….and for that matter the last….but  they’re about the only thing of color that is around.  Winter is awfully bleak here.  Nothing but gray and brown hues.  We have zillions of Red Cardinals and Goldfinches but aside from birds, the Camellias are about it for color. Were it not for the birds and the Camellias,  I’d be living in a Tri X World.  The Camellia’s are everywhere.   Check this out.

Yep, a fallen Camellia Bloom on its way to the Beaver Pond in the Farm Wetlands via Cripple Creek.  I had been on my way to the Wetlands to see if I could get a shot of a Wood Duck.  Beavers are impossible for me  to capture.  Anyway…no luck with the Wood Ducks but wouldn’t you know, there was the Camellia Bloom.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “The Ubiquitous Camellia

  1. Your title is very catchy..I like your discription, and your photo is catchy as well…There is a lot to think about as that camelia floats down to the pond….I’m still thinking about this one…..

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