Halloween Dawn

We’ve had quite a cold snap here for the past week or so…well, cold for here.  Teens and low 20’s for overnight lows and highs during the day in the 30’s.  Too cold for me to venture out with cameras in the early morning light which is my norm.  So, I’ve spent my time going back over shots from the past year.  There are a lot of dawn and sunrise shots   (I’m out early just about every morning…..unless it gets too cold in the field)  and after looking at all of them from 2011,  one morning really does stand out:  October 31st.  Halloween Dawn if you will.   That morning has been a good seller on my photography web site (Click on John Harding Photography in the left margin)    Here’s a sample of the more than 10 shots I took that morning.  Yes the sky was changing that fast.

It really was an amazing morning.  All due, of course, to the fast moving clouds rolling in off the Ocean.  About five minutes after this shot, the entire sky was filled with spectacular color as the clouds reflected the light of the rising sun.  It makes getting up early worth the effort.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

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