Swamp Reflections

It was a first for me.  A winter slog in the swamp.  I was drawn by the warm temperature ( It was in the 60’s),  the blue sky, the leafless trees and the still water.   I was hoping for a nice blue reflection in what is usually a pretty dreary place.  Suffice to say, It was worth the effort.


The D4 is coming. 16.2  megapixels, 11 frames per second, metal body.  Built like a tank.  How much?  If you have to ask you probably don’t have enough.   Right at $6000.00.  Only in my dreams.     If you have six grand to drop on this more power to you… but you’ll have to wait until February for it to reach the stores.   I wouldn’t be brave enough to take it on a swamp slog.      See you soon on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Swamp Reflections

  1. That cypress blog is beautiful…a real beauty and almost spiritual to view….

    About the D4….$6,000 is a bit high for my pocket book, but I bet it is a beauty….Thank you for the info though….I did get a ND filter …:)

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