Color Bias

On my flickr site, I am forever being reminded of my bias for the color red.  Guilty as charged.  It is one of my favorite colors.  It always catches my eye and by extension my camera.   If you went through all of my images, particularly floral shots,  you’d be seeing a lot of red particularly in my early years of flower photography.   In the more recent past, my red bias, admittedly still with me, has lessened somewhat in that  I now find myself looking for combinations of primary and complimentary colors:   Red and Green, Yellow and purple, blue and orange and so on.   This shot of a red camellia from two years ago  isn’t one of my better images but I’ve kept it  as a reminder of how striking a combination of colors can be. 

There is something of a conflict going on here.  The red implying heat, action, edginess…while the blue pulls your emotions in the opposite direction.   Coolness, tranquility, calmness.  The shot is overly  saturated, the light is bad and the main subject focus is  too soft for my liking but… is quite the eye catcher.    See you next time on most of this same blog.

2 thoughts on “Color Bias

  1. Thanks Dorothy. My father who was an artist, used to tell me to save old work as a measure of whether one is improving his craft. If you’re not getting better, think about something else to do.

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