Seeing It Again For the First Time

Have you ever been so focused on getting to a particular place that you’re totally oblivious of what’s whizzing by at 60 miles an hour?  It’s happened to me many times, particularly when I’m heading for the beach.   For me, that’s  Emerald Isle, North Carolina.   Even though it’s a two lane road,  it’s a quick trip.  With my short cuts,  I can usually make it in less than an hour.  I suppose it being that close,  it’s easy to drive with blinders on.   That all changed because of my wife.  We were heading for Land’s End,  a development on the western end of Emerald Isle to spend the day with a close friend.  I should point out that Emerald Isle is oriented  more East West than North South so yes, the sun is on the beach all day.  Neat Huh?   Anyway, we were zooming into the small town of Trenton when Jerri started talking about the marvelous times she had as a child visiting an Aunt who had a grand house on the Town’s Mill Pond.   We made a right turn in town to follow Route 58 to Emerald Isle and she pointed to my right.  “There it is” she said.   I pulled off the road,  pulled a camera out of my bag and headed for the shore line.   

It was an incredibly bright,  cloudy day and my first shot blew out the sky.   I fished a neutral density filter out of my bag, put it on a little D40 I kept in the truck  and took this shot.  It’s nothing much to write home about but  I really like  the hint of blue sky in the reflection on the water.  It’s a beautiful spot, one I had not seen until Jerri pointed it out to me.  What was astounding was that I had driven by it more times than I can count and it’s close, less than 20 miles from our farm.   I had no clue.   The Cunard Steamship Line had a poster promoting transatlantic travel on the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in the 60’s that read, “Getting there is half the fun”.  The poster hangs in my home. I must have seen it a bazillion times over the years but I really hadn’t seen it all.   See you soon on most of this same blog.

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