Formal Attire

There are over 100 varieties of camellias out there and every year the number increases as more are  hybridized and cultivated.  Here on the farm,  we have at least 20.  Most have what I call the traditional center with bright yellow or gold stigma, filaments, anthers etc.  My favorites are the more formal varieties with rosebud like centers that hide the stigma.

All have very official names of course, like “Florence Stratton Blush”.  I just title my pictures of them with whatever seems to fit.  “Showgirls”, “Prom Queen”, “Uptown Girl”.   This one I call “Formal Attire”.   To me it would be right at home on a Tuxedo or a Prom Dress.   Flower photography in the winter months would be pretty bleak without them.  See you next time on most of this same blog.


One thought on “Formal Attire

  1. I alway enjoy your blog and photography. It makes me think, and think I did.

    Your camellia is flawless as we like to be when we dress up. The color is lively and uplifting as well, like to feel when when we dress up. So, the name fits the beautiful flower perfectly!

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