The “Pinkie” Finger and the Camera.

I know I never thought much about this either until today!  I was at the supermarket trying to yank a cart free from a long line of them all collapsed into each other.  It would not come lose so I tried using my right foot to kick back against the  one stuck to the cart I was trying to retrieve.  My foot slipped.  So did my right hand,  jamming it into a metal bar on the cart with my pinkie finger taking the brunt of the hit.    Damn it hurt.   My finger immediately went numb,  then started to throb.  Then it started to swell.  And swell.   I got home and took two Advil which took care of most of the pain.  The throbbing backed off.   The feeling had come back  so I grabbed my camera to head out to shoot some wild flowers I had spied earlier that morning.  All was hunky dory  until I wrapped my hand around that ergonomically correct Nikon Camera Grip.   I saw stars!  I tried various combinations of fingers to grip the camera holding my little finger free…. but really, it was pointless.  I had no idea how much gripping the camera and working the various wheels and buttons depended on that little finger to free up the others  to do what needed to be done.  I gave up.  I trudged home, got  in the car and drove to urgent care to see if I had broken it.  I hadn’t.  To tell the truth, it might have been better if I had.  Sore ain’t the word.   Anyway I came home, kept my right hand elevated and started with the ice as advised by the Doctor.   Now, almost 13 hours later, the pain and most of the soreness has dissipated and the swelling isn’t as bad as it was. The Doctor at the Urgent Care Center told me I’d probably be good to go in about two days.  Moral of the story: be careful with those fingers particularly  the one you don’t think you use much in photography.  Trust me, you do.  Time to get some more ice.  See you soon on most of this same blog.

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