False Spring 2

This is the Azalea I mentioned in the previous post, A pink Formosa.  It is literally filled with blooms.

Undoubtedly we’ll get several more killer frosts but this Azalea is sheltered pretty well in the pines so perhaps the blooms will survive a while.   Meantime, the spring hit parade just keeps on coming.    Today, I was taking shots of our Japanese Quince which is now in full bloom.  At this rate, We’ll be planting Sunflowers in April.  See you soon on most of this same blog.

2 thoughts on “False Spring 2

  1. This is so unreal with all of the warm temps we have been having. Here, we have only had a few cold nights-I’m a little south of you. I was so looking for winter this year after that hot summer we had last year and the year before. Makes me wonder what we will have this year and am dreading it. We have several of these specimens in our yard and I just love the color! Beautiful!

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