Theatrical Sky

My first thought when I saw this through my library window was the trees were on fire!   I moved closer to the window and it became obvious the trees weren’t burning, the sky was.  I grabbed a camera and the 10mm wide angle and ran to the field for a clear shot.

The view is to the east and the ocean and it is from this direction that our clouds often roll in.   We haven’t had many clouds at sunrise for a couple of weeks.  Just clear blue which is pretty but not very dramatic.   Its the kind of sky we have through the summer when the heat often tops the century mark and indeed on this day the temperature hit 70 degrees by afternoon and the clouds had vanished leaving another clear blue sky.   My worry is if it’s 70 in early February, what in the world are we in for by July?   See you next time on most of this same blog.

2 thoughts on “Theatrical Sky

  1. John, I have the same worry since and last year was our hottest summer on record with an extremely hot summer before that. We usually don’t have so many hot ones in a row. Dread summer!!!! But, on a better note, I love the photo! It is just beautiful to see the sky with such vivid color!

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