Photographs for a Good Cause

My church, Gordon Street Christian Church in nearby Kinston, North Carolina,  holds an auction every  year to benefit the Church’s Hand bell Choir.  And each year, the choir director who is also the Church’s Minister of Music,  gets in touch  to request that I donate a few photographs.  I am always happy to comply.   Last year a couple of 5×7 framed floral shots brought in just under six hundred bucks.  That could be quite an ego builder until you remember the cause.   The hand bell choir, The Sanctuary Bells, are quite well known and its probably safe to say they are the most effective public relations tool the church has.    Anyway, based on last year’s success,  this time around I decided to donate three photographs.  Two double matted and framed floral prints and a very large seascape, 24 x 16.

Taken on the Outer Banks of North Carolina between Southern Shores and the Village of Duck back in September of last year,  the shot has been quite popular on my website.  I’ve sold several copies of it.  One in an even larger size than this.    Quite a few church members own property down on the coast and I figured perhaps they might desire a coastal scene for their second home.   I decided not to frame it. Framing is a very personal thing as regards frame style, mat color and so on.  Instead I decided to just display the print on sized form core board wrapped in plastic Artist Wrap.   Readily available at the big art supply stores online, I had trouble locating Art Wrap in a reasonable quantity.   Most I found came in huge rolls, up to a thousand feet,  far more than I would ever use and which, I might add, carries a pretty hefty price tag.   I kept looking until I came across Blick Art Materials.   They had a reasonable priced roll.  It’ll be here in two days.  I was so glad to find it, I’m glad to give them a plug.    As for pricing the print for the auction,  I’m going to start the bidding at 50 bucks.  Large prints, done well, are pricey to produce.   We’ll see how it goes.   On the off chance it gets no bids,  I just might buy it myself.  I have a spot picked out here at home where it would look just smashing.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

3 thoughts on “Photographs for a Good Cause

  1. Well, that image is fantastic! I am not aware of artist wrap so I’m learn more and more….I’ve always used a company called IMPACT IMAGES that sells clear plastic bags in archival, acid free, musuem quality packs of 100 in every size that you can image…..check them out
    The baags are very reasonable and work so fine…..Just another idea…

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