Photography Refresher Course

I suppose it comes with age ( I am on the shady side of 66)  but I’m beginning to understand that from time to time the photography oriented mind needs a refresher course now and then;  A rereading of the photographic Cliffs Notes if you well.    I have a tendency to go off on  semi-creative binges to the point I dismiss and eventually discard those little precepts that good photography demands:  Filling the four corners;  isolating the subject, avoiding distracting elements.  They are  just a few that came to mind as I sat reviewing shots of Daffodils this weekend.  All of them left me non-wowed which is to say, none sparked me to proceed to anything other than the delete button.  I was rather amazed at how far off course I had gone in the pursuit of some new and creative perspective.  So I picked up my D90 with the Nikon 60mm Micro lens and headed back to the Daffodil patch with the SLIK tripod…something else I had been forgetting.

When I got back to the house and started reviewing my second takes,  I was a bit more satisfied.  I realized that in addition to the above little photography smart pills I mentioned, there were others I had slowly gotten away from.  Most importantly, the failure to see those pesky little details that become oh so intrusive when a three dimensional image becomes a two dimensional shot.  I still believe that the “rules of photography” are meant to be broken now and then.  The trick is to not totally erase them.   See you next time on most of this same blog.


In my previous post, several of you emailed asking if the church auction which will include several of my photographs will be an online affair.  I inquired about this and the answer was, not this time but the seed has been planted and I think it just might bear some fruit by the time the next one rolls around.

One thought on “Photography Refresher Course

  1. Well, I have to agree with you on this one. Sometimes we do get off the “true and tried” beaten path of good photography, and really lose the point of the image…This even happens with processing too much…Sometimes you lose the beauty of the shot. I am guilty! It is fun just to have fun with photography though….There is always something to learn or remember about…..
    Yourdaffodile is outstanding for sure…and a beautiful image…Nice work!

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