Flash Fog

I had not noticed the fog rolling in before I started wallking up the driveway to fetch our morning paper.  We get a lot of fog here.  Just about every morning there’s a blanket of low lying fog hugging the ground in the field but on this morning it was rolling through the pines.  It often forms quickly  and can dissipate just as fast so I double timed it to the mailboxes to pick up the papers and headed back to the house to grab my camera.  Sunrise was about to occur and I wanted to get back out into the pines as the light started filtering through turning the pine straw beneath the big Lob Lollies  to an almost orange hue.  By the time I got back to the woods,  the light was doing its thing.    I grabbed the above shot and started hiking toward the causeway that leads to the fields but I couldn’t out run the sun.   As I crossed the causeway, the fog was quickly melting away as the Sun took control of the day.  The moisture in the fog is generated locally by the moist ground (we’ve had a tone of rain this winter), the nearby wetlands and of course the Atlantic Ocean.   There’s always a next time with fog, especially here.  See you soon on most of this same blog.

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