The State Of The Wetlands

The Canada Geese and the Wood Ducks weren’t thrilled to hear me coming.  They all took off in unison from the Beaver Pond where they had been having a leisurely morning soak.   I’ve found it impossible to sneak up on waterfowl.  They have incredible vision and can hear a leaf crunch underfoot from 20 to 30 yards away.   I had ventured to the Wetlands one the southern edge of the farm  to check out the water levels after our weekend of pretty steady rain.  It was way up. Just about back to normal.   This past summer, one could wade across the large Beaver Pond without any problem.  Not so now in February. the second month of our false spring.   The effects of the unseasonably warm weather were plainly in sight from the budding up of  trees to the greening of  various water plants.

I love the wildness of the wetlands which is untouched by man or machine but often its a struggle to keep it that way.    There are many who would just as soon it became a final resting place for everything from old hot water heaters to worn out tires.  And if you think the worries about run off are exaggerated, you should see the oil slicks that show up now and then.  When confronted recently about the long term effects of dumping in wetland areas, one dumper simply replied,  “Who cares, I won’t be around to see it happen”.   There was a classic Public Service Announcement on television some years ago.  It showed a Native American looking at all the garbage  strewn into the countryside.  There was no soundtrack. Just a tear  from his eye.   See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “The State Of The Wetlands

  1. Wow, powerful blog today. SAVE THE WETLANDS is a powerful message to us all and thank goodness you are saving the wetlands on your property. I wish everyone had the same reverance for conservation….I love the wetlands and always feel the native american spirit there as well….interesting…

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