Nikon 28-200mm F3.5-5.6 D IF Lens…Cheap.

It’s something I have not done in probably 30 years!  I ordered a 35 mm  lens for a film camera!  A Nikon 28-200 f3.5-5.6 D Auto Focus IF lens.  “D” means the lens provides distance data so the camera does not have to guess.  “IF” means Internal Focus.   This means the lens does not rotate when focusing.   Nikon discontinued it,  in 2006 I think,  in favor of a lighter, all plastic G type lens which certainly has its attributes, mainly its use for close up photography.  The “D” lens I bought does not focus closer than about six feet.  My close up work with film is usually done with either my 50mm or 60mm micro.  The “D” lens stout construction appealed greatly to me particularly with my Nikon F100 which is pretty heavy.   (Picking up an F100 by grabbing the G type  lens could easily break off the plastic bayonet mount on the lens.)  The “D” type lens also has an outstanding reputation for sharpness.   And, it was cheap. $213 bucks delivered from  I bought my 60mm from them and I have had no regrets.  If you’re in the market for a good used lens in excellent condition (and why bother spending a thousand bucks for a film lens these days)  , check them out.   They’re in Ashland, Virginia just outside of Richmond.  Back to the 28-200mm.  It’ll work fine on a DX Camera like my D7K or D90’s.  It scales up to a 42-300mm on a digital slr.  But I have Nikon’s 18-200 DX lens which is made for digital slrs.  I wanted the “D” lens for my F100 which I use whenever the occasion calls for a full frame shot.  I love the F100.  Ken Rockwell says “there is no other 35mm camera on Earth offering a better combination of practical features and performance to get you the images you demand.”  I’m looking forward to getting the “new” lens.  I just looked and I still have 11 shots left on that roll of Velvia in the F100.   See you soon on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Nikon 28-200mm F3.5-5.6 D IF Lens…Cheap.

  1. Film cameras….I gave mine away….It is fun to hear you so excited about that film camera and the Velvia film…They really help take beautiful photographs and I look forward to seeing some of your shots….

    I didn’t think you could use film lenses on your slr cameras…I should have kept my old lens and 35mm camera..Oh well….Atleast now, I know where to order used camera lens and such….Thank you for the info!

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